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Smog Inspection & Certification

What is a Smog Check?

What is a "Test-Only" Smog Check?

How is the Smog Check Conducted?

What is a Smog Check?

A: The California DMV will send you a registration renewal through the mail informing you whether or not you are required to get your vehicle smogged; The renewal will also inform you if your vehicle has to be smogged at a "Test-Only" station.

Vehicles Excluded from CA Smog:

* Vehicles made in 1975 or prior

* Diesel-powered vehicles

* Electric vehicles

* Natural gas powered vehicles weighing more than 14,000 pounds

* Hybrids

* Motorcycles

* Trailers

Also, if your vehicle less than 6 years old, you will not be required to obtain smog certification as long as you pay the annual $24 smog abatement fee.

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Other Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is a "Test-Only" Smog Check?

A: If the State of California determines your vehicle will most likely fail a Smog Inspection, the California DMV will mail you a registration renewal notice letting you know whether or not you must take your vehicle to a "Test-Only" station. Owners of vehicles that are "Test-Only" fall under this High Emitter Profile category, (or those who own a vehicle among the 2% randomly selected) will see the following stated on their renewal letter:

Smog Inspection/Certification Required at "Test-Only" Center.

By California State Laws, "Test-Only" stations can NOT repair your vehicle. You must take it to a Test-Repair Facility or Gold Shield station. For more information on station types, visit the official site of the Bureau of Automotive Repair. This site also offers a list of stations so you can find the right station closer to you.

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Q: How is the Smog Check Conducted?

A: The State of California Enhanced Smog Inspection is conducted in 3 distinct parts.

1. Visual inspections are to confirm that the emission control devices are properly installed by the manufacturer and have not been tampered with.

2. Functional Tests are to inspect if the dash mounted "Check Engine Lamp" warning light is working properly. For most 1996 or older vehicles, a pressure test of the EVAP system is required. This is to ensure that harmful fuel vapors are not being leaked into the atmosphere

3. The vehicle is placed on a dyno and is driven while an emission reading is taken by a probe placed in the tailpipe of the vehicle. The information is sent to an analyser and the results of the inspection are then sent to the BAR Database and then on to the California DMV. If the vehicle passes, an electronic certificate and paper certificate is issued for that vehicle.

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